What Others Have to Say...

Oh Tle! I love the earrings! I wore them to dinner last night and got one sale for you.... Such a stroke of genius! They looked fabulous on me (of course) even my husband noticed the earrings.... I think you could market them as an aphrodisiac earring! Maybe you should make earrings out of car parts or golf tees next! Thank you Thank you Thank you! I just love them and love them all the more because they came from someone so dear to my heart, love you bunches!.... - Sue N.

...I’ve worn the earrings you gave me almost every day since I last saw you, and have gotten so many compliments... I love them! All my friends are envious ha-ha! - Z’s Girlfriend

Just want to let you know how pleased I am with the necklace. It’s sooo beautiful, so elegant. It fits nicely and perfectly around my neck. I wore it today and guess what, got so many ooh’s and aah’s from my ladies-friends at work ( got several admiringly glances from the gentlemen too! :-) ) Someday you’ll become a very well known jewelry designer, TLe. And I believe that someday will come very soon ( better order more now before the price rising up, right? :-) ) Keep it up my friend. Oh, many thanks for your fast service too. I didn’t expect a special order arrived in only 1 week. - mnguyet

Whenever I wear my TeLe ring, it always elicits interest. If you still have your web-site and maintain it, please tell me what it is and I can point people to it. I’d like to see it too! If I didn’t tell you, my friend Joanne, when she saw the ring for the first time said “It looks like a queen’s ring!" and you made her one too and she loved it. - K. Altenhof

...At any rate, your jewelry has ABSOLUTELY been the best part of my week/month! :) ...I’ll check your website regularly for more of your great work. - L. Roncka

I feel absolutely beautiful and classy every time I wear one of your pieces. - K.H. Dinh

It’s gone! And, now I feel naked! I don’t know what happened. I know it was on my wrist Saturday evening, but I woke up Sunday morning and it was gone. What am I talking about, my bracelet that you made for me that I love soooo much. I never took it off. Ahhhhh! I feel so vunerable without it...Do you still make jewelry? Can I commission you to make me another one. You don’t know how distressed I am. I really do feel naked without it. - R. Haxton

I wanted to forward my friend’s email she just sent to me. Last Friday was her birthday and I gave her one of the rings (crystal Swarovski) I bought from you last December. As you can tell from her email she absolutely LOVED it!!!!!! - J. Buto

Everyone here says my ring is absolutely beautiful and they want to know where they can buy one. Is your friend selling them somewhere? If she has some and wants to sell I can bring to my office. My boss alone would love to have one with a turquoise stone... I went to BJ’s at lunch time and the cashier told me, please tell me where I can buy a ring like that, so tell your friend I am advertising for her. - J [Friend’s Email]